René Burri described a good photograph as “capturing the pulse of life.” The expressive moment or the mix of atmosphere and the random individual or gesture is what I aim to “capture” in my photographs. I view the photograph as an opportunity for metaphors; for object lessons, social commentary or an aspect of the beauty, ugliness or even monotony of life. Street photography offers the vehicle for sustaining moments that reflect Burri’s “pulse of life.” The more intimate the scene, the stronger the elements of a story and the possibilities of a reflection worth saving and sharing. It is not necessarily important who the people are in the images, but instead what the image reveals in its moment, a story told or implied or a mystery suggested all within the frame. The photograph may reflect joy, sadness, belief, disbelief, complexity, simplicity, sweetness or combinations, but it must speak to the viewer and is best if it has a touch of irony or a particularly compelling poignancy.

Image credit: Yossi Zamir